Today I have officially decided that I am going to completely redesign the website, so sadly all games will be deleted for awhile. DONT WORRY! I am Going to being working nonstop to get the site up and running. ALSO, I will be making an  entirely new website with more games and a different URL. Ill keep you posted on the URL. THANKS!

I'm Back! Again!

After spamming friends with messages to join weebly, i have gotten enough credits to be on the premium plan for 6 months. so things will be a bit better. Give me some suggestions guys! also i might change the site to a total minecraft site. Check out the Switch-Over Survey.
Sorry I haven't been on in awhile... My friend who was supposed to keep this up to date DIDN'T. Soooo i guess I just have to do it My self.
Well My friend decided he actually wanted to be admin... so the site should me up to date more often
Hey Everyone i just added a bunch of games and started to work on game rating system. Gonna have to get some HTML for the game rating system. ANYWAY i added Surgery games And my fav HAPPY WHEELS DEMO. Thanx All More games going up l8r today. And Tons For tomorrow
HIya Sorry for not being on i added a calculator
Added More Games To Site Just use Buttons at bottom of the "The Page Of Boredom" to go to game. I claim no ownership of these games. More games Will Be Added Soon if found Interesting by me and these Games Can get through School Firewalls :-D
I have updated the site i thought it was a little bit Dull my self Sadly ive had no visitors to this site and i am depressed. Thanks very much. 
Sorry for not posting any lately had no access to internet will post daily now im in class so i gotta go THX.

My site of many of my favorite games and soon to be more! I do not claim any games to be mine and belong to their rightful owners